EE/MSE 486/528

Integrated Circuit Fabrication

Spring Quarter 2016
MW 11:30am-1:20pm
Room: SIG 225 (Sieg Hall)

Instructor: Scott Dunham
TA: Yu Jin

This course is focused on understanding the foundations of micro and nanofabrication as applied to silicon-based VLSI. Process simulation using commercial TCAD tools will be used to illustrate and explore the technology.

Target Audience: Undergraduate (486) and graduate (528) students in EE and materials science, as well as students in chemical engineering, physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, etc. interested in Nano/Microtechology and/or VLSI.

Course Description, EE/MSE 486: Processing physics, chemistry, and technology, including evaporation, sputtering, epitaxial growth, diffusion, ion implantation, laser annealing, oxidation, chemical vapor deposition, photoresists. Design considerations for bipolar and MOS devices, materials and process characterization. Future trends. Prerequisite: EE 331 or MSE 351. EE and MSE 486 offered jointly. 3 class. 3 cr.

EE/MSE 528: Graduate students in EE/MSE 528 will have supplemental reading, additional home work problems, additional lectures, and an added final project.

Primary Text: Silicon VLSI Technology, 2nd Edition, Plummer, Deal and Griffin

Prerequisite: EE 331 or MSE 351 or equivalent. Basic properties of semiconductors and doping, as well as structure and operation of pn junctions and MOSFETs.